The award ceremony of the competition, “Do the right mix”

26 February 2016, Zemun.In the municipality of Zemun were awarded  bicycle prizes on the occasion of the competition “Do the right mix”. On that occasion, the project coordinator Sophie Kekić commented on the activities carried out in the past 4 months, stressing that the project would not have been successful  without the right team and then she addressed the winners: “You are here because you have shown love and creativity to what you are doing, and that is the promotion and the […]


February 12, 2016. Council for Road Safety of the municipality of Zemun in cooperation with the Centre for research and development projects ECODEV organised a panel discussion titled “Do the right mix” with the theme “Traffic Safety” and “Environment”. The debate in Zemun municipality is the part of the project “Promotion of safe participation in […]

Debate announcement: “Promotion of safe participation in traffic with an emphasis on alternative forms of transport (mobility-walking, bicycle and use of the public transport)

Debate announcement:  “Promotion of safe participation in traffic with an emphasis on alternative forms of transport (mobility-walking,bicycle and use of the public transport) in the municipality of Zemun and New Belgrade.” Speakers will be representatives from the relevant institutions.  Date and time:11February 2016 starting at 18:00 pm.Location: Municipality of Zemun, Magistratski trg 1,hall in the municipality’s hall.

30th January 2016, EcoDev’s volunteers meet the citizens of New Belgrade

EcoDev ‘s volunteers organized two stands on the 30th of January 2016 at the locations “Ušće ” shopping mall and  “Delta City ” shopping mall  which were distributed flyers with maps of bicycle paths and public  transport routes  in the municipality of  New Belgrade. On this occasion we invited citizens to participate in the competition “Do the right mix” and win a bicycle.  {gallery}volonteri{/gallery}