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World Tourism Day

27 September 2019. The importance of digital technologies in tourism, providing opportunities for innovation and preparing the sector for the future of work, is at the centre of World Tourism Day. World Tourism Day, celebrated every 27 September around the world, is a unique opportunity to raise awareness on tourism’s actual and potential contribution to sustainable [...]

Promotion of the International Sustainable Tourism year 2017

 – Promotion of the International Sustainable Tourism year 2017 through the media, travel blogs, social networks, video and online competitions with focus on Serbia. The main goal of this initiative is to integrate a Sustainable Tourism Award in Serbia as national prize/category every year.  Also this action encourage accommodation owners, tour operators and other stakeholders […]

Energy efficiency in Public Buildings

 Project “Energy efficiency in Public Buildings” – EcoDev implemented the information campaign for teachers, pupils and parents about the project „Energy efficiency in Public Buildings“, which was supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, the German Development Bank (KFW), The German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and […]

Green jobs in Serbia

The aim of the project was to create the green jobs statistical methodology with a focus on eco-tourism for the purpose of data collection and analysis by the Statistical office of the Republic of Serbia. Results of the project: Publication “Green jobs in Serbia” was created with the results of the survey , there was […]

Building Sustainable Future for Protected Areas in Serbia

Building Sustainable Future for Protected Areas in Serbia – the project aim was to create a sustainable and replicable mechanism for stakeholders’ partnership – based on the strengthened and recognized role of CSOs – able to mobilize diversified resources in ensuring environmental protection. As such, this project builds local capacities for the design, planning and […]

Workshops for school children about eco tourism at Vlasina Lake

Workshops for school children about eco tourism at Vlasina Lake was the part of  the project: Vlasina Lake Ecotourism Promotion and Environment Protection  – EcoDev held workshops for school children between the ages of sixth and seventh grade in the territory of Pcinja districts. The aim of the project was education of children about ecology […]

Do the right mix

Do the right mix – the main objective of the projects was to promote the safe use of sustainable transport for the citizens of Belgrade and the promotion of the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK. Results of the project: EcoDev created and distributed brochures with maps of bicycle paths and public transport for the municipalities of Zemun […]


“EcoDots aims is to connect travellers, small and micro enterprises in hospitality sector, tours operators, local communities and itineraries, sharing a close link to the concept of sustainability tourism. Results of the project: EcoDev as Local coordinator implemented 4 two-days trainings for in total 100 participants with the Ministry of trade, tourism, telecommunications and the […]


The EcoVirtour E-Guide through the eco destinations presents a unique virtual eco-tour through the protected areas in Serbia and is intended for Android phones and devices. The guide consists of an internet presentation and an android application that is free for download by scanning the QR code from the site mentioned above. The aim […]

Organic Live Fest

“Organic Live Fest” promotes the concept of sustainable development, with support reference number of national and international institutions in the country. Organic Live Fest has been recognised by the European Commission in promoting energy efficiency, and 2012. became the part of EUSEW – European Union – Sustainable Energy Week and in that sense this event […]