“Eco – Resort Serbia” Conference for investors and developers

“Eco – Resort Serbia” Conference for investors and developers

The aim of the project was to present 3 eco destinations of Serbia (protected areas: National park Tara, Protected landscape area of the Vlasina Lake and Mali Zvornik Lake) to potential investors, as well as to transfer the knowledge of consultants. The conference was held and covered the following topics: Sustainability issues as applied to Eco-Resorts in the Republic of Serbia; Legal and regulatory framework related to construction in the areas of outstanding natural beauty; Incentives for Eco Resort by the Government and local authorities; Managing and running Eco Resort; followed with three Serbian case studies – Possible Eco-Resort locations; round table discussions with three Serbian municipalities; Financing Eco Resort developments. 3 investors pack were printed regarding the 3 above mentioned destinations. The Project was supported by the Ministry of Economy and regional development of the Republic of Serbia

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