Ecobnb: Sustainable Tourism is Online.

Ecobnb: Sustainable Tourism is Online.

Ecobnb, the web portal on sustainable tourism and the results of the European project EcoDots will be presented for the first time in Italy.

The European Commission seeks to drive tourism industry towards a more sustainable direction and this is why the project called EcoDots was founded by the European Commission under the Framework Programme for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (CIP) / Funding Programmes 2013. “Supporting the enhancement and promotion of sustainable transnational thematic tourism products” (70/G/ENT/CIP/13/B/N03S04) to promote a virtuous network of ecological accommodation.

The results of the European project, of which the City of Parma is a partner, will be presented to the press Thursday October 1, in the Sila National Park at “Orme nel Parco” the first experiential Eco-Park in Calabria. Participation is free and after the presentation will follow an eco-sensory experience offered by “Orme nel Parco” (another partner in the project) and a lunch buffet with local products.

Thanks to the project EcoDots the platform Ecobnb ( established and it is dedicated to sustainable tourism in Europe, which has become a catalyst for a community of accomodation and travellers sharing visions, values and best practices of eco-sustainability.

Ecobnb is the meeting point between travellers and responsible accomodation that are investing in a better future. In fact, the innovative network is made by affordable accomodation and green itineraries in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia and Serbia and promotes the demand for sustainable tourism and involving small structures, tour operators and travellers to increase their visibility and attractiveness on the market and to disclose a system of best practices.


The other partners involved into the project EcoDots, which also participates the City of Parma, coordinated by the cultural association “Invisible Cities”  are European institutional and private partners: Ministry of Trade and Telecommunications (Serbia); Centar za istrazivacke the razvojne projekte EcoDev (Serbia); Kontaktstelle für Umwelt und Entwicklung i.v. KATE (Germany); Josef Stefan Institute (Slovenia); GH Calabria (Italy); Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems SCRL ISIS (Italy).



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