Initiative launched to integrate green jobs in the national statistical system of accounts

Initiative launched to integrate green jobs in the national statistical system of accounts

September 29 – Panel discussion “Let’s create green jobs in Serbia together” aims to bring together all key stakeholders, from business, public and non- governmental sector ,which are doing research of  green job statistics, environment and employment, so they can  exchange opinions and establish further steps for green jobs development in Serbia.

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Office of the International Labor Organization of Belgrade (ILO) and Faculty of Applied Ecology “Futura”, we managed to create Methodology for  statistical monitoring of green employment in Serbia and web portal where potential employers can advertise their vacancies and green job seekers can set their resume and look for “green” ads.

“Statistical monitoring of tourism indicators is an important part of the plan for tourism development, in each country. The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Department of Tourism, supports the concept of green jobs development, especially when it’s related with sustainable tourism, that is why this partnership on the project “Green jobs Serbia” contributes to improve the tourism as part of economy and also promotes Serbia as a preserved and environmentally sustainable tourist destination ” said Dr. Renata Pindžo, assistant of Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications.

“It was necessary to gather and inform all stakeholders in the country, in order to determine all conditions for the creation of a special methodological frame and a system of statistical indicator for green employment, that are statistically monitored and integrated  into the national statistical system of accounts,  to see the influence of those professions in  growth of GDP, bring  decisions  for future investment, comply with EU standards and adapt list of professions in green employment, with all these emerging changes. The first step is the creation of the Green register of economy, to identify all legal entities,operating in this field. It is also necessary to create a reward system for legal entities that are involved in environment protection based on EU model, which has a circular economy. This cooperation must be done in coordination with all stakeholders where should be applied, multidisciplinary approach. We do have support of relevant institutions in the country, especially the International Labor Organization (ILO) which is helping to expand this project. I strongly believe in our team work   who will contribute providing a healthy environment for citizens,   green jobs and creating a positive economic effect for our country “said Sophie (Sophie) Kekić, president of the Centre for Research and Development projects -EcoDev

 Methodology for  statistical monitoring of green employment in Serbia has a special methodological frame and integration, into the national accounts statistics to environmental accounts, and first of all this would include: a common consensus of all stakeholders for  the determination of green jobs definition, regular enforcement of statistics research in this area, according to the established international methodology to the creation of green input-output tables of the national accounts, “said, Dusan Gavrilovic, macroeconomists, a statistician.

 “I am using this occasion, to invite all employers and green job seekers to join our web portal: This invitation especially applies, to  academic sector as a motivation for them to work in the field of eco-innovation and relating  information and telecommunications sector with industries such as: agriculture, transport, construction, tourism and others,  in action against climate change, “said Miloš Nikolić from the Faculty of Applied Ecology” Futura “, Belgrade.



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