Project “Energy efficiency in Public Buildings“

Project “Energy efficiency in Public Buildings“

EcoDev participated in the information campaign for teachers, pupils and parents about the project „Energy efficiency in Public Buildings“, which was supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Tehnological Development of Republic of Serbia.

The information campaing was implemented in the period from 22.03.2017. to 07.04.2017. Workshops were organised in five schools that were included in the project (Elementary schools: „Moma Stanojlović“ in Kragujevac; „Vuk Karadzić“ in Knić; „Vojvoda Mišić“ in Pecka; „Branko Radičević“ in Mali Zvornik and High school „14. Oktobar“ in Kraljevo).
The aim of the information campaign was to transfer basic knowledge about ecology, sustainable development, various energy efficiency measures, as well as to explain the role of teachers, pupils and school staff as the school building users in contributing to energy savings.

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