Sustainable Tourism Awards in Serbia

Sustainable Tourism Awards in Serbia

Description of the Competition
Promotion of the International Sustainable Tourism Year 2017 through the media, travel blogs, social networks, video and online competitions with focus on Serbia. The main goal of this initiative is to integrate a Sustainable Tourism Award in Serbia as national prize/category every year. Also this action encourages accommodation owners, tour operators and other stakeholders to eco certify its businesses in Serbia. There are currently defined four (4) Sustainable Tourism Award Categories: 1) Accommodation 2) Destination Stewardship 3) Sustainable tour 4) Community benefit.

The competition is open to authors of original works who will, through writing, photographs and video experiences of sustainable eco-tourism, describe less known places in Serbia.In particular, you can choose from one of the following themes for Tour operators, Destination management and organisations:

1 – a route that gave you emotions (walking or cycling, sailing or horse-drawn carriage, horseback riding or riding a donkey);

2 – a staging point sustainable (ecological small bed andbreakfast, an ecological farm, a tree house or a shelter with a zero emissions ) that is not already mapped in

Criteria for accommodations: The following video describe sustainable tourism criteria to fulfill in order to be eligible to apply for the awards:

It is only necessary that you provides photos confirming that at least you apply 5 conditions/ sustainable tourism criteria.

Concerned stakeholders in Serbia could apply via our website: by sending their works to:, specifying: “Sustainable Tourism Awards in Serbia”.

The Competition starts on 20th June 2017 and ends on 01st September 2017.

Judges and judging
All entries received will be properly inspected by a jury composed of journalists, bloggers, members and partners of EcoDev, representatives of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia, The National Tourism Board of Serbia and travellers which will select the works. The judges’ decision is final and will be expressed in absolute autonomy.

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