The award ceremony for sustainable tourism

The award ceremony for sustainable tourism

The Centre for Research and Development Projects “EcoDev” with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and the Tourist Organisation of Serbia, awarded Sustainable Tourism Development awards in five categories, sustainable accommodation, eco-tour, sustainable destination management, tour operator and awards for contribution to the community.

The “Radisson Blu” hotel was awarded in the category of sustainable accommodation, while the award in the field of eco-tourism went to the “Ekos” Association from the Municipality Šabac.

In the third category, the award for sustainable destination management went to Public Company Ada Ciganlija, the fourth award for tour operator went to “Serbia tour operator”, and in the fifth category the winner for contribution to the community was the “Salamandra” club.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Trade, Miroslav Knezevic, said that the aim of awarding companies was to support the sustainable development of tourism in Serbia, and that the line ministry in the further development of this area will take into account three aspects of tourism, economic and social sustainability, to protect the environment.

“This year has been proclaimed by the United Nations for the Year of Sustainable Tourism. In the forthcoming period, we aim to integrate the concept of sustainable tourism in all segments in the implementation of the Strategy for Sustainable Tourism in Serbia,” said Knezevic.

The project manager of “EcoDev”, Sophie Kekić said during the award ceremony that the certification of companies in the field of sustainable tourism is very important to the company in order to be recognized on the international sustainable tourism market.

The Secretary of the Tourism Association of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Tijana Maljković, reminded that the Chamber has awarded the National Prize for Corporate Social Responsibility since 2007. “We should all work together on the smart investment and availability of tourism and natural resources,” said Maljković.

She also said that it is important for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia how companies are dealing with nature, and that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia has become a strategic partner of the organisation “Ambassadors of Sustainable Development and Environment” this year, and has also joined the “Green Key” program, the international eco-certification of tourist facilities.


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