The history and biodiversity of the Great War Island

The history and biodiversity of the Great War Island

EcoDev implements the project of recording a promotional film “History and biodiversity of the Great War Island” with the support of the Secretariat for Culture of the City of Belgrade.

The Great War Island represents a unique element of nature in the city center. Through the film, we see the cultural-historical and biological-ecological significance of this area with all its natural features, which are based on the principles of sustainability.
The aim of the project is to raise awareness of environmental protection through the presentation of the Great War Island as a site of exceptional importance. Through the development of ecological awareness, as well as motivating citizens and children to become acquainted with all of its characteristics, in order for the locality to fulfill its potential.
According to the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, the surface of protected areas in Serbia amounts to 6.51% of the total surface. This way, we want to encourage the public to preserve the status of protected areas, as well as to increase the percentage of the territory of Serbia under protection, given that the average protected areas in the EU are from 10% and above, in Slovenia it amounts to 36% of the total territory.

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